"Liaison quits KSA over social justice spending decision"
Student liaison Ken McIntyre has resigned from his position on the Kwantlen Student Association council to protest the handling of a referendum-approved 10-cents-a-credit fee to fund the Social Justice Centre.

McIntyre, who had been the liaison to the KSA for students with disabilities, one of seven positions that focus on social justice issues at the university, resigned Oct. 6 after the KSA voted to remove the 10-cent-a-credit fee from Social Justice and increase the KSA's building fee from 25 cents a credit to 35 cents.

The social justice fee was approved in the September referendum and would have been used to fund the liaisons and their Social Justice Centre, rather than having their budget come from KSA operating funds.

Derek Robertson, director of external affairs, made the motion to remove the Social Justice fee and increase the student union building fee instead.

"CHAMP asks local man to inspire"
"When I was a teenager, it was very simple. 'You have cancer, you can either lose your leg or you can die.'"

Brent Hickman was a physically active 13-year-old when he was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, bone cancer. The only sign had been a sore calf muscle, but X-rays revealed a tumor in his leg. A biopsy confirmed the worst.

He had undergone only a few chemotherapy sessions when he was told that it was his leg or his life.

It was an easy choice.

"Ladd overwhelmed by turnout"
In the middle of an ice rink, Andrew Ladd lifts the Stanley Cup over his head as a crowd of people clap and cheer.

But this isn't game six of the playoffs, this is the Planet Ice arena off 105th Avenue in Maple Ridge -- the rink nicknamed after local legend Cam Neely -- and the people cheering him are his former neighbours and teammates.

Ladd has come home and he's brought the cup with him.